Future Generations

Canada’s remaining wild places will always need guardians. CPAWS works to ensure protected wilderness regions are safeguarded today for our children tomorrow.

This natural inheritance is essential for the preservation of human health and happiness.

The goal

Preserving wildness isn’t just work for today, these places must be safeguarded forever. Currently, the Yukon has four territorial parks, four national parks and 53 territorial campsites. CPAWS works to ensure the territory’s protected wilderness is there for future generations.

What CPAWS is doing

CPAWS Yukon strives to foster a passion for the wilderness in citizens that will encourage everyone to carry on the work of preserving and protecting wilderness for the enjoyment of future generations.

In this section

Climate change
Climate change
The Yukon is going to be affected by climate change. Some animal and plant species will expand their range and prosper, but others will prove incapable of adapting and will disappear. It isn’t clear yet which species will prove to be the winners, or the losers. But the territory will lose some of its natural biodiversity.

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