Wildlife and biodiversity

Maintaining wilderness is essential if the Yukon is to retain its stunning biodiversity.

CPAWS Yukon’s work focuses on protecting habitat for all the territory’s plant and animal life, including grizzly and black bears, several species of caribou, moose, wolves, lynx, martin, smaller mammals, peregrine falcon, and other species.

The threat

Unchecked industrial development of the territory’s remaining wild places can fragment and wreck habitat, eventually destroying the territory’s rich biodiversity.

What CPAWS is doing

CPAWS Yukon is working with aboriginal governments and other territorial partners to establish and maintain protected areas, wilderness preserves and parks and minimize habitat fragmentation. It is involved in the Yellowstone to Yukon initiative to ensure ecological connectivity across the North American continent. And it is promoting thoughtful land-use planning to balance development and access with wilderness preservation across the territory’s land base.

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Yellowstone to Yukon
Yellowstone to Yukon
CPAWS Yukon was one of the founding members of this international initiative, which seeks to preserve and restore native plants, animals and wilderness throughout the 3,200-kilometre-long mountainous spine of the Rockies that links Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to the Yukon’s Peel Watershed.

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