New poll affirms Yukoners want strong environmental protection

Yukoners overwhelmingly support ambitious conservation measures, according to a new DataPath poll. The results affirm Yukoners’ concern for the environment, and are a reminder to the territory’s next government that issues like climate change, conservation, and mining reform must be priorities.

In addition to these results, the federal government is also investing heavily in nature conservation and climate change mitigation strategies, giving the Yukon an opportunity to grow our green economy and achieve numerous conservation wins in the coming years. 

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Want to take a deep dive into the numbers? You can view the results from the poll below:

The poll was commissioned by CPAWS Yukon and the Yukon Conservation Society, and was conducted independently by DataPath Systems. The poll surveyed 425 Yukon adults, and is considered accurate to within 4.8 percent, 19 times out of 20.