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Hiring Through a JEDI lens

At CPAWS Yukon, we recognize that the conservation movement in Canada has a complex and often problematic history. There is significant work required in order for it to become an equitable, just, and inclusive space for everyone. In order to address these inequities, we have committed to making our organization as welcoming and as transparent as possible

The goal of this process is to provide a set of tools that will help CPAWS Yukon staff mitigate gender, racial, and other hidden biases as well as structural inequities in our recruiting and hiring processes. It includes structural pieces and guidelines seen through a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) lens that we implement to recruit, retain, and promote a broader range of talented people. This is a living document that we’ll update as we become aware of new research and ideas.


Managers are accountable for fair and inclusive hiring practices, including:

– Ensuring all hiring processes follow the process outlined in this document and accompanying checklist;

– Pursuing a safe and inclusive workspace where employees see themselves reflected and feel they have rewarding employment. This means an openness to feedback from staff, and implementing any changes necessary to ensure all employees feel safe at work. This is particularly true for people from groups that have been historically underrepresented within our sector.

– When we feature images or videos that feature people, we’re working towards ensuring that a diversity of prospective candidates can see themselves reflected. This includes in our materials, such as our website, photo and video projects, printed marketing materials, and reports.

Recruit intentionally. 

We post all calls for applications on a variety of job sites. In addition to posting on local and national job boards, we make a commitment to recruit outside our traditional network or sector (environment, conservation). We use the relationships we’ve built with various partners to recruit from affinity groups, including Yukon First Nations.

For some positions, it may be a priority to hire a person from a historically underrepresented group. For others, we are putting systems in place to adjust for inequalities and ensure we give the best opportunity possible to hire someone we may have otherwise overlooked. It’s important that we know what it is we are hoping to achieve and why.