Anonymous comments accepted for Peel consultations

The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Yukon are urging some people to submit comments to Yukon government’s Peel Watershed Land Use Plan consultations anonymously.

“We have heard that some people – whether business-owners, Yukon government employees or contractors – are nervous about submitting comments to the Peel consultations because they are afraid of negative repercussions at work or to their business,” said CPAWS-Yukon Executive Director Gill Cracknell.

“However we have been assured by Yukon government representatives that they recognize that some people don’t want their name in the public eye, and so anonymous comments to the Peel consultations will be accepted.”

Yukon government intends to publish all the comments after the consultations end.

“The Yukon Conservation Society and CPAWS-Yukon are urging people to submit comments with names included if possible, since comments with names may be given more weight than those submitted anonymously,” said YCS Executive Director Karen Baltgailis. “However, we would much rather that people submit anonymous comments than none at all. The way to be assured of anonymity is to send a good old fashioned letter.”

The mailing address for the Peel consultations is:
Attention Peel Consultation
Government of Yukon (K-235)
345-300 Main Street, Whitehorse Y1A 9Z9

The Peel consultation brochures that were sent to households can also be sent in anonymously. The deadline for comments is February 25, 2013.