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Judge orders redo of 'unreasonable' Yukon Water Board decision to deny permits to placer mine

Board failed to justify decision to deny water licence, land use approval for placer mine, judge finds
Jackie Hong · CBC News · Posted: Aug 23, 2023

Guilty pleas entered for Cowley Creek mineral exploration licence violations

Exploration company representative says impacted areas were rehabiliated, pledges public engagement
Yukon News ⋅  JIM ELLIOT Aug. 19, 2023

B.C. exploration company pleads guilty to charges related to Yukon copper project

Residents had complainted about ‘horrific mess’ south of Whitehorse
CBC · 

Opinion: Unsteady ownership made Minto a disaster waiting to happen

This spring the Minto Mine shuttered, leaving dozens out of work and tens of millions in unpaid bills and royalties.
Yukon News ⋅ Malkolm Boothroyd, Campaigns coordinator, CPAWS Yukon


New dawn for Arctic’s first people: the Inuit plan to reclaim their sea

The environment Inuit have lived in for millennia is changing fast. Canada’s government once ignored Indigenous knowledge of it but now they are jointly creating the Nunatsiavut conservation area
The Guardian ⋅ Ossie Michelin in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut ⋅ Aug 27, 2023

How indigenous conservation protects Canada's environment

In Canada, centring conservation with the country’s indigenous peoples is allowing its original stewards to reconnect to their land and culture – and proving remarkably effective.
BBC ⋅ By Kira Walker ⋅ 9th August 2023


COP15 ends with landmark biodiversity agreement

The United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP15) ended in Montreal, Canada, on 19 December 2022 with a landmark agreement to guide global action on nature through to 2030.
UNEP ⋅ 20 DEC 2022

CITES setting the agenda for global conservation and trade regulation in over 34,000 plant species

The listings of plant species in CITES Appendices have been steadily increasing in recent years, and in particular those of tree species, including commercially important tree species.
CITES ⋅ Updated on 19 June 2023