Motorcyclist Rides 4000 km for Peel Including Dempster Highway Standing Up

Edmontonian Don Curry III has come up with a creative new way to stand up for the protection of the Peel Watershed – literally.  The HVAC company owner will travel the Dempster Highway between Dawson City, Yukon and Inuvik, NWT, a distance of 774 km, standing up on his motorcycle the whole way.

His journey will take him an even greater distance than that however.  The intrepid motorcyclist will start in Portland, Oregon; travel north through British Columbia; continuing through Whitehorse to Dawson City where he will commence the final leg of his journey standing up.  In total the journey will cover more than 4000 km. 

“This is a subject that should be on the minds of every North American, not just Yukoners,” says Curry.  “This watershed is an organ of our continent and ultimately our entire planet. Now is the time to take responsibility for what comes next. The full ride is meant to be a beckoning to follow me North where we will all stand up for this vital land on the 7th.”

“I am the fourth generation on my father’s side that has lived and worked around Elsa and the Mayo Lake area,” Curry says. “I’ve spent a lot of time in these parts and feel a great reverence with this area.” He adds, “I’ve had a Protect Peel bumper sticker on my truck for a while now and I felt that it was time to step it up a few thousand notches.”

And step it up he has.  Curry has committed $2000 personally to the Peel legal case to get the ball rolling on the fundraising component of his ride. Within the first couple of days of announcing his trip he has already secured two donations matching his personal contribution, bringing the total to $6000, with the promise of more support on the way.  He hopes to raise significantly more between now and the end of his ride.

This is not the first time Curry has undertaken a trip like this. “In 2009 I rode my motorbike up the Alaska Highway and explored many trail systems around the Yukon. I love finding old abandoned roads that nobody has been up in years.  This bike has had a good life so far.”

Curry will depart, standing up, from Dawson City on July 7th.  Curry’s trip coincides with the commencement of the Peel court case in Yukon Supreme Court in Whitehorse on July 7th.

Gill Cracknell, Executive Director of CPAWS-Yukon (one of the plaintiffs in the Peel court case), says of Curry’s ride, “We’re really inspired and energized by this exciting and creative fundraiser.  People like Don Curry give us the energy to keep fighting for the protection of the Peel Watershed.”

To learn more about the campaign to protect the Peel watershed and to support Don’s fundraising efforts visit

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