All candidate environmental debate 2019

On October 3rd, 2019, the Yukon Conservation Society teamed up with us at CPAWS Yukon to bring you an all-candidate forum on the environment ahead of this year\’s federal election. Below is the transcript of what each candidate said in response to preset and audience questions. Thanks to Moira Sauer for moderating. Find the full livestreamed video here:


What will you do to advance Canada\'s efforts to reduce plastic waste and support the north in plastic recycling efforts?

What are the key elements of an action plan that you will advocate for, to ensure Canada meets its international obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

What will you do to ensure that Canadians are better protected from the health and environmental impacts of toxic substances? Will you commit to strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act?

What will you do to protect the quality and quantity of wilderness in the Yukon and Canada so there is a better legacy for future generations?

What will you do to work with different sectors like first nation governments industry and the Yukon public to keep our water and supporting ecosystems free from pollution and degradation?

At this critical time in the life of our planet and all living species dependent on it for survival, what makes you qualify to lead us through the next ten years that will determine the future of our planet?

In order to meet the promised greenhouse gas emission targets in the Paris Accord what will average Canadians have to compromise or give up in our material goods and freedoms that we take for granted in our lifestyles

Canada is way behind in reducing greenhouse gases and Yukoners and Canadians are wanting to see bold action when it comes to climate the federal government has declared a climate emergency and then the next day announced the purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline what would your party do going forward with the pipeline and the plan to build a new pipeline twinning it?

First Nations final agreements provide for regional land use plans the federal government is a signatory to the two treaties if elected and whether you form the government or not will you advocate for expediting those plans by having more than one taken at a time?

To what extent do you see climate change and inequality as interconnected crises and what policies do you personally support that would work to tackle both?

If your party forms the next federal government will you, as our MP, work to protect the moratorium on fracking in the Yukon?

Closing Statements

Thank you to everyone who helped put this event together!