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Care for the Creek is all about amplifying and creating opportunities for YOU to connect with and help safeguard the legacy of Chasàn Chuà (McIntyre Creek).

Since long before the arrival of settlers to the area, Chasàn Chùa has been of importance to Ta’an Kwäch’än Council and Kwanlin Dün people. The creek itself was used as a thoroughfare between Tàa’an Män (Lake Laberge) and Łu Zil Män (Fish Lake), and fish camps dotted the mouth of the creek. Chasàn Chùa’s forests and wetlands are a haven for wildlife, and the more accessible reaches are popular destinations for people in Whitehorse wanting to spend time in nature.

There’s little modern human development in the upper and middle stretches of Chasàn Chùa, although pockets show scars of past mining exploration and extraction. As the creek flows towards the Yukon River, its lower reaches are crossed by several major roads and sandwiched between residential neighbourhoods. These areas show the most evidence of damage.

We’re kicking off Care for the Creek at Dàmäwtän (The Point), where a municipal landfill that operated from the 1940s into the 1970s wreaked havoc on the environment and displaced local First Nations. Today, waste continues to affect the landscape, waterways, and wildlife as it breaks down and erodes, potentially releasing chemicals.


Care for the Creek is about repairing damage through boots-on-the-ground initiatives. It’s about taking action by learning about Chasàn Chuà’s cultural and ecological importance, connecting with the creek, and undoing the harm caused by people and invasive plants to these special landscapes. In this way, we can all work together to support biodiversity, food security, recreation, community, and cultural connections.

Get Out There

Spend some time learning about Chasàn Chùa and the wildlife that use the area, making sure you are recreating in a way that respects the land and the wildlife that call the creek home. Share your observations and experiences with us and others! iNaturalist is a great platform to record, identify, and share your observations.

Life of the Boreal

From the Yukon to Newfoundland, the Canadian Boreal Forest is home to conifer trees, wetlands and bogs, and billions of birds, animals, insects, plants, and people. Learn more about the Boreal Forest in Whitehorse with free guided walks. Sign up today!


The wetlands and forests around the creek have been used for garbage dumping and face new pressures as invasive species take up residence. Taking part in garbage clean ups and invasive plant pulls helps restore wildlife habitats, shows respect for the land’s cultural importance, and removes harmful materials from the landscape.


CPAWS Yukon has been conducting research and gathering baseline data about Chasàn Chùa to deepen our understanding of its environmental health. Our efforts have focused on wildlife monitoring to uncover how animals use the wildlife corridor, as well as water quality monitoring around Dàmäwtän (The Point). Learn about the sights and sounds of the Creek!