Wilderness values meet style in our new clothing designs

Our new swag has arrived!

We are beyond excited to share these new designs. We worked hard to ensure our new clothes are ethical, comfortable and stylish. We were blown away with the end result. Swing by the CPAWS Yukon office to pick a t-shirt, sweater and baseball cap up today!

The story behind the designs 

Last year, we were lucky to have Tara Conway, a clothing designer from Patagonia, travel to Whitehorse to volunteer with us for six weeks. We had been wanting to update our T-shirts for a while (think big green CPAWS Yukon logo smack in the middle of oversized white t-shirt) and Tara’s arrival seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We wanted garments that spoke to our values as a wilderness conservation organization, were produced sustainably and most of all, looked sharp. Our top priority was for supporters to actually take these pieces of clothing out of their closets, wear them and feel great. How many cotton t-shirts do we have — from that running race or volunteer position — stuffed in a drawer that never see the light of day? And how often do you have the chance to buy clothing that you actually want to wear, where all the proceeds are going to a charitable organization that align with your values? 

The final designs 

Tara, with her creative eye and adventurous spirit, explored everywhere from downtown Whitehorse to the Dempster Highway to Montana Mountain to find inspiration for her work. She came back to the office with a rich colour palette and a series of images as a starting point. Then she got down to work.

It was fascinating to watch the process coming to life. The three final designs embody the spirit of the work we do here at CPAWS Yukon and speak to the territory’s rich landscape and culture.  

The design Tara hand-drew for the T-shirt gives a sense of movement and water. The beauty in this design is the subtlety and intricacy: to each person it tells a different story. We love the fun, playful canoe on the sweatshirt as it speaks to Yukon’s our connection with rivers, and of course the Peel Watershed. The baseball cap has entirely its own feel, with a throwback to an old parks service logo from decades ago.

The garments 

We researched long and hard for the most ethically produced pieces that weren’t going to break the bank. The sweatshirts and most of the T-shirts are proudly made in Canada. They’re incredibly soft and keep their shape over time. Trust us, when you put them on, you won’t take them off.

How to get yours 

The new swag is now available for sale at our CPAWS Yukon office, at the Peel Celebration and events in the future. T-shirts (youth, women’s and men’s) and baseball caps are $25, kids T-shirts are $20 and sweatshirts are $50. Cash, credit card and e-transfer accepted.

Join the family

For a minimum donation of $10, you can become a CPAWS Yukon member. Membership benefits include 10% discount on all CPAWS Yukon Merchendise, a win-win, really! Memberships can be purchased at our office.