Yellowstone to Yukon

Header Image: Peter Mather

CPAWS Yukon was one of the founding members of this international initiative, which seeks to preserve and restore native plants, animals and wilderness throughout the 3,200-kilometre-long mountainous spine of the Rockies that links Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to the Yukon’s Peel Watershed.

The joint Canada-US initiative takes a scientific approach to wilderness preservation and is internationally recognized as one of the planet’s leading mountain conservation initiatives.


Development pressure throughout the Rocky Mountains continues to build as oil and gas and mining efforts expand and more people move into the region, building more roads, fences, subdivisions and other development that fragments ecosystems and lessens biodiversity.

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As a member of the Yellowstone to Yukon initiative, CPAWS Yukon is working to protect areas like the Peel Watershed. It is also encouraging thoughtful and inclusive land-use planning throughout the territory, demanding governments respect citizens’ legitimate support for preservation of important wilderness regions and serving as a watchdog to make sure the existing parks and protected areas are respected and maintained.